Best price BaByliss 2123U Root Boost Micro Crimper

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Best price  BaByliss 2123U Root Boost Micro Crimper

BaByliss 2123U Root Boost–Volume right from the root

Give your hair a frizz-free boost with the revolutionary new Root Boost from BaByliss. This innovative micro crimper makes it easy to add texture and lift to your hair for volume that lasts longer than back combing, while also saving your hair from becoming an unmanageable frizzy mess.

Inspired by salon hairdressers, the Root Boost takes advantage of the long-lasting effects of crimping. However, it is entirely unlike other crimpers. Its specially designed micro crimping ceramic plates allow you to crimp close to the root of the hair where ordinary crimpers struggle to reach. The result is a more effective “boost” where it is needed most for a big hair look that lasts longer than ever.

Unlike ordinary crimpers which crimp a wide section of the hair, the ultra sleek Root Boost creates a narrow crimp that is less visible, meaning it is unlikely anyone will discover your secret to voluminous style.
Styling tips for the Root Boost
The Root Boost puts a professional styling technique right in your hands. Professional salon hairdressers use crimpers to give their celebrity clients the big hair look that we all love.

As celebrity hairdresser Beverly C says, “Crimping is a clever way to create texture and root lift–we’ve been using this technique in the salon for years. The ultra slim ceramic plates on the Root Boost are fantastic–you can get right in to the roots for a really long lasting effect.”

For ultimate hold and lift, use hairspray at the root of each hair section before using the Root Boost. For maximum body and fullness, start by sectioning a small layer of hair at the nape of the neck and begin crimping the hair close to the root, continue around the hair line of the section.

Continue releasing sections of hair down and adding texture at the roots until you have the level of volume you want. The top section of your hair should be styled as normal, so be careful not to crimp hair too close to the top section as crimp marks maybe visible on your final style.

Product Features
Micro crimp plates specially designed to add frizz-free volume that lasts longer
15 mm ceramic crimp plates heat up to 200°C with fast heat up and recovery
3 unique temperature settings for different hair types–140°C, 170°C and 200°C
Take control with the on/off button and 2 metre salon style swivel cord
Extra convenience and confidence with auto shut off and a 3 year guarantee


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

No more flat hippie hair! Hurraaaaah!,

I have fine hair – but lots of it as my hairdresser keeps telling me. I love long hair, but always get frustrated with it being flat against my scalp because of the weight of the length and i then end up cutting it off into a bob to get some volume back, only for me to start pining for long hair again immediately! This has been my (hair) life for the past 15 years – but this miracle product makes my hair look bouncy, airy and swingy and it literally takes all of 2 minutes added to your normal hair care routine after you have washed and dried your hair. Its really easy, even for a clumsy moo like myself.
My hair now always looks like i have had the time to use volumising curlers in it or just been to the hairdressers for a blow dry. I cannot praise this product highly enough, this is exactly what I have been waiting for all these years. Genius!


got this yesterday my hair is very thin and flat even though i straighten and blow dry used it yesterday my hair is much fuller and looks much thicker had loads of comments have u had your hair done etc the best money ever spent


Or so I’m told by my sister that has been using these for a couple of months now. My wife has als tried them out in my presense and we were both surprised at what a huge difference there is between these and other similar products.

I don’t know what it is Babyliss have going for them but they are consistently beating all competition when it comes to hair styling. I also use a Babyliss trimmer for my facial hair it is great.

The crimper works as you’d expect, but I do like the design over other brands as it seems to me the build quality and ergonomics are a step ahead of the rest.
Great item once again.

Best price  BaByliss 2123U Root Boost Micro Crimper
Best price BaByliss 2123U Root Boost Micro Crimper


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